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Chatting with a Web Page - How It Really Works and Benefits You

The unconventional way of getting information with a chatbot

The idea of "chatting with a page" may sound unconventional, but it addresses a common challenge: finding key information without reading through an entire page. Keyword searches often fall short because the answer requires broader context than just the sentence containing the keyword.

So, how is this approach different from simply copying the full page and pasting it into ChatGPT? Here's how the scenario would actually work for users:

  1. Have access to the full context of the page.

  2. Understand the context of the user's research project or intent.

  3. Rephrase the user's query into a more precise question.

  4. Raise critical reading questions for reference.

ChatGPT would miss the context that matters. This approach ensures users receive high-quality answers that aid comprehension and provide exact information, without the risk of hallucination or missed information.

To leverage this with Linnk, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Linnk icon on a page.

  2. All user context is already loaded, so you can directly ask your question.

The answer will be tailored to the user's actual intent, going beyond a generic ChatGPT response.

By chatting with a page, users can efficiently locate and comprehend key information without sifting through irrelevant content. This approach streamlines the research process, saving valuable time and effort.

Getting Started with Linnk AI:

If Linnk AI has not been added to your browser yet, visit the page below to seamlessly integrate it within a minute.

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