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How to Accelerate Your Research and Knowledge Acquisition

A Quick Start Guide for Linnk AI

Start Linnk AI on any page

Once Linnk AI is installed in your browser from the Extension Store, you can activate it as a sidebar on any page. You can do this either by clicking on the icon in the extension bar of the browser or by clicking on the floating button.

Sign up or log in

Click on "Sign Up with Google". Then, proceed with the login pop-up provided by the Google Account service and you're all set.

Instantly Gain Key Insights from Any Page

Continue with your research project or information routine. Activate Linnk on any page when you need instant insights. Click on the extension icon or the floating icon to activate Linnk. A sidebar will appear with key insights from the page in seconds.

  • Core Concepts: A single sentence for basic understanding.

  • Key Takeaways: A condensed summary providing a comprehensive understanding of the content.

  • Key Logics: The structure and articulation of the article.

  • Data Sheets: Essential data and statistics from the content.

  • Quotes: Noteworthy quotations.

  • Deeper Inquiries: Linnk AI asks questions for you, encouraging critical thinking for a deeper understanding or challenge to the content.

The condensed read (underlined) can refer back to the original content (which is automatically highlighted).

Ask for specific or follow-up questions to chat with the page

For lengthy or complex content, simply input your specific question to find the exact information you need or to get a direct answer from the page.

Automated Key Insights Distilling

On public websites with articles, Linnk will automatically display the main concept of the page beneath the page heading. This feature allows you to immediately decide whether to continue reading, without having to click anything.

Review and search in Collections

Research history will be automatically saved and you can go back and search anytime.

Ask Your Collections

"Ask Your Collections" utilizes your research history as a reference to answer your questions, contextualized to your needs. Simply ask, and your research assistant, Linnk AI, will retrieve the key insights and work it out for you.

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