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How to Automatically Replace Clickbaits with Straightforward Substance?

Streamline Your Reading with Linnk: Focus on Substance Over Flashy Titles

Have you ever been lured by an eye-catching headline, only to find yourself navigating through a labyrinth of text without getting to the heart of the matter? Linnk changes that. Now, when you click on a captivating title from your newsletter or feed, Linnk promptly presents the core essence and key insights right beneath the headline. This feature allows you to quickly grasp the gist and determine if the content is worth your valuable time.

How It Works: Effortless Integration for Efficient Reading

Linnk operates seamlessly in the background. On supported public websites, Linnk automatically reads the content, identifies the headline, and displays a concise summary below it. This process requires no action on your part - just browse as usual, and Linnk takes care of the rest.

Interactive Features for a Tailored Experience

- In-Depth Insights: Interested in more than just the summary? Simply click the headline to open the Linnk sidebar, which offers comprehensive insights.

- Control Your Experience: Not a fan of automatic summaries? You can easily opt out. Click the Settings icon and select "Stop Automated Insights." This switches Linnk to a manual mode, where distillation occurs only when you request it.

- Site-Specific Preferences: Linnk allows customization for individual websites. To disable the feature on specific sites or pages, navigate to the Settings menu and adjust your preferences from the dropdown list.

Reactivating Linnk: Stay in the Know

If you decide to re-enable Linnk's automated feature, simply visit the Linnk Settings page. It's a straightforward process to stay informed in the way that works best for you.

We Value Your Input: Help Us Improve

Linnk is constantly evolving, and your feedback is vital. If there's a site you frequently visit that's not currently supported, or if you encounter any issues, please reach out to us. Contact us at, and we'll work on incorporating your suggestions.

Getting Started with Linnk AI:

If Linnk AI has not been added to your browser yet, visit the designated page to seamlessly integrate it within a minute.

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