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How to summarize articles with Linnk AI

Simplifying Web Content Summarization with Linnk AI

In today's digital age, efficiently summarizing online articles can greatly enhance productivity and understanding. Linnk AI offers a user-friendly solution to this, allowing users to extract key insights from webpages effortlessly. Here's a structured guide on how to use Linnk AI effectively:

There are three primary entry points to access Linnk AI right on browsers:

Automatic Integration: On select supported public sites, Linnk automatically integrates an insight box. Clicking on this box opens the Linnk sidebar, simplifying the process further. Users can adjust these settings based on their requirements.

Floating Insight Icon: Locate and click the floating Insight icon on the webpage. This action triggers the Linnk sidebar to appear, summarizing the page's content and providing valuable insights. Additionally, it prompts users with thought-provoking questions to encourage deeper comprehension and critical thinking.

The floating icon can be conveniently moved anywhere along the right edge of the browser window for easy access. Users also have the option to disable this feature according to their preferences:

- Disable the floating icon globally.

- Disable it on specific websites (e.g., all Google pages).

- Disable it on particular pages as needed.

Extension Bar Icon: Alternatively, users can click on the Linnk icon located on the extension bar of their browser.

Getting Started with Linnk AI:

If Linnk AI has not been added to your browser yet, visit the designated page to seamlessly integrate it within a minute.

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