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The Origin Story of A Vision for Independent Bookstores

Core Concepts was born out of a vision to empower independent bookstores in the face of e-commerce giants like Amazon, offering them a platform to thrive online while preserving their unique charm and ethos.
Abstract founder Andy Hunter conceived the idea during a moment of solitude and reflection, aiming to revolutionize how independent bookstores engage with online sales. By providing an easy-to-use platform that connects small stores with customers and offers fair revenue sharing, has become a beacon for indie businesses seeking to compete in the digital age.
"You get a 30 percent cut of the cover price on any book sold through your storefront." "If you’re a blogger, writer, influencer, or other bookish type, you can join Bookshop as an individual, even if you don’t own a brick-and-mortar bookstore, and take home a 10 percent cut on whatever you sell." "Bookshop gives 10 percent of these sales to the pool."
"It was, uh, a Dogfish Head IPA." - Andy Hunter "Helping the indies is the whole point, something he feels an almost spiritual drive to do." - Content Excerpt

Deeper Inquiries

How can platforms like continue to support small businesses against tech giants?

Platforms like can continue to support small businesses against tech giants by providing a user-friendly and cost-effective way for independent bookstores to sell their products online. By offering features such as easy setup, curated collections, and fulfillment services through partnerships with wholesalers, these platforms enable small businesses to reach a wider audience without the need for significant resources or technical expertise. Additionally, profit-sharing models that benefit both the platform and participating stores can incentivize collaboration and mutual success.

What challenges might arise from indie bookstores moving towards more digital sales?

One challenge that may arise from indie bookstores moving towards more digital sales is the potential loss of the unique in-person experiences they offer customers. The charm of physical stores with personalized recommendations, cozy reading nooks, and community events could be diminished in an online-only environment. Additionally, transitioning to digital sales requires investment in technology infrastructure, marketing efforts to stand out among competitors, and adapting business operations to meet online customer expectations such as fast shipping times.

How does personal background influence entrepreneurial endeavors like

Personal background can significantly influence entrepreneurial endeavors like by shaping an individual's values, motivations, and approach to problem-solving. In Andy Hunter's case, his challenging childhood experiences likely instilled in him a sense of resilience, empathy for underdogs (such as independent bookstores), and a drive to create positive change in the world. These qualities may have fueled his passion for supporting small businesses through innovative solutions like Furthermore, personal backgrounds often inform an entrepreneur's decision-making process and strategic vision for their venture based on past experiences and beliefs about what is important or valuable in business pursuits.