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A Year of Growth, Lessons, and Triumphs: Reflecting on My Journey at ID Africa

Core Concepts
After a year at ID Africa, the author has grown from a wide-eyed newcomer to a seasoned PR professional, navigating challenges, making mistakes, and gaining invaluable lessons that have shaped their career.
The author reflects on their one-year journey at ID Africa, a public relations agency. They describe their initial experience as a "wide-eyed girl" who has since grown and learned through various campaigns and projects. The author recounts their first meeting with the team, where they made a mistake by admitting to still working at another PR agency, leading to a tense moment. However, they were able to learn from this experience and go on to handle more challenging accounts, such as Showmax, which they compare to "being on a horse that can't stop or a car without brakes." Despite the challenges, the author expresses having had fun and enjoyed the learning process. They highlight specific campaigns they worked on, including AMVCA 9, Wura, Big Brother Titans, and The Real Housewives of Lagos, which they consider their "baby." The author acknowledges the support and guidance they received from various team members, such as Femi, NJ, Sewa, Tiarhan, Imisi, and Fadekemi. The author concludes by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to grow and learn, and they are excited to embark on their next adventure.
"Time does fly by when you're having fun or walking through flames, whichever suits the narrative better." "Everything was quiet. Femi sent me off the call calmly and placed my contract on hold." "Legends say I'm still writing. 😂" "Ebuka has not even dropped his mic, Sewa, can I be allowed to breathe? 🥲😖"
"What is happening?" "It's Not Really Giving!" "Goodnight Africa,"

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by Abdulai Kare... at 03-28-2024
Walking through Fire

Deeper Inquiries

How can the author's experiences and lessons learned be applied to other industries or fields beyond public relations?

The author's experiences and lessons learned at ID Africa can be applied to other industries or fields beyond public relations by showcasing the importance of adaptability, resilience, and continuous learning. The author mentions facing challenges, making mistakes, and learning from them, which are universal experiences in any professional setting. The ability to handle pressure, manage multiple tasks, and communicate effectively are transferable skills that can be valuable in various industries. Additionally, the author's emphasis on writing, storytelling, and attention to detail can be beneficial in fields such as marketing, content creation, or digital media.

What challenges or obstacles might the author face in their next adventure, and how can they leverage the skills and resilience they developed at ID Africa?

In their next adventure, the author might face challenges such as adjusting to a new work environment, learning new processes or technologies, or handling increased responsibilities. However, the skills and resilience developed at ID Africa, such as the ability to adapt quickly, work under pressure, and communicate effectively, can be leveraged to overcome these obstacles. The author's experience in managing fast-paced campaigns, handling multiple tasks simultaneously, and learning from mistakes can help them navigate new challenges with confidence and determination.

What insights or perspectives could the author offer to aspiring PR professionals or those considering a career in the industry?

The author can offer valuable insights to aspiring PR professionals or those considering a career in the industry based on their experiences at ID Africa. They can emphasize the importance of being open to learning, taking feedback positively, and continuously improving their skills. The author's mention of the amount of writing involved in public relations highlights the need for strong writing and communication skills in the field. Additionally, the author's ability to handle challenging campaigns, work with a diverse team, and stay resilient in the face of setbacks can inspire others to persevere and grow in their PR careers.