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From Writing Desk to Desk Job: A Nigerian Writer's Struggle for Financial Stability

Core Concepts
Despite initial frustrations, a Nigerian writer's attempt to find financial stability through a desk job fails to provide the expected relief, leading to continued struggles and unfulfilled dreams.
The content describes the journey of a Nigerian writer who, after facing disappointments in the writing industry, decides to take on a desk job in the government sector. Initially earning a higher income from multiple writing gigs, the writer eventually settles for a government job that pays less than the previous writing jobs. The writer expresses frustration with the desk job, which involves running errands and dealing with a faulty computer. Despite the government job's perceived stability and potential for promotion, the writer remains financially unstable and continues to long for a successful writing career. The writer acknowledges the need for resilience and perseverance to achieve success, but laments the lack of such qualities, leading to a sense of being adrift among other unhappy Nigerian writers searching for their path. The content highlights the challenges faced by Nigerian writers in finding financial stability and fulfillment, as they navigate the complexities of the writing industry and the lure of more traditional employment options.
The writer was earning 45,000 Naira (equivalent to $45) per month from multiple writing jobs. The government desk job pays 35,000 Naira, which is a degradation from the previous income.
"I did that for 1 and a half years until I discovered Medium. Now, Medium is a good app don't get me wrong, but I hated it. I hated it because whenever I saw the app, it seemed to look down or hiss at me because, well, of course, I'm a Nigerian living in Nigeria, and Medium doesn't give two fucks about monetizing a Nigerian's content." "The straw that broke the camel's back was when my sister's coursemate, who is the most handsome living Nigerian man in the world, saw my struggle and told me to: 'Trade this your writing desk for a desk job, just for a little while... A clerk job will fit you.'"

Deeper Inquiries

What strategies or resources could be implemented to better support and empower Nigerian writers in the digital age?

To better support and empower Nigerian writers in the digital age, several strategies and resources could be implemented. Firstly, creating more platforms specifically tailored to Nigerian writers, where they can showcase their work and connect with a wider audience, would be beneficial. Providing access to writing workshops, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities can help writers improve their skills and expand their professional network. Additionally, offering financial support through grants, scholarships, or writing contests can incentivize writers to continue pursuing their craft. Collaborating with publishing houses and literary agents to provide opportunities for Nigerian writers to get their work published and promoted internationally can also be a valuable resource.

How can the challenges faced by Nigerian writers in the writing industry be addressed from a systemic perspective?

Addressing the challenges faced by Nigerian writers in the writing industry from a systemic perspective requires a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, there needs to be a focus on improving the overall infrastructure and support system for writers, including access to writing resources, publishing opportunities, and financial support. Implementing policies that protect the rights of writers, such as copyright laws and fair compensation practices, can help create a more conducive environment for writers to thrive. Additionally, investing in education and literacy programs to nurture a new generation of writers and readers can help sustain the growth of the writing industry in Nigeria. Collaborating with government agencies, literary organizations, and educational institutions to advocate for the recognition and support of writers as valuable contributors to the cultural and economic landscape of the country is essential.

What alternative career paths or entrepreneurial opportunities could Nigerian writers explore to achieve financial stability and creative fulfillment?

Nigerian writers can explore various alternative career paths and entrepreneurial opportunities to achieve financial stability and creative fulfillment. One option is to diversify their writing skills and offer services such as content writing, copywriting, editing, and ghostwriting for businesses, websites, and publications. Freelancing on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer can also provide writers with a steady income stream. Creating and self-publishing e-books or audiobooks on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Audible can be a lucrative venture for writers looking to monetize their work independently. Additionally, starting a writing-related business, such as a writing consultancy, literary agency, or online writing course, can offer writers a sustainable source of income while allowing them to pursue their passion for writing. Embracing digital marketing strategies, building a strong online presence, and networking with other writers and industry professionals can help Nigerian writers succeed in their alternative career paths and entrepreneurial endeavors.