ClassInSight: Designing Conversation Support Tools for Personalized Teacher Professional Development

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Personalized feedback and reflection through data-driven tools can enhance teacher dialogue and professional growth.
Teaching professionals benefit from personalized feedback and reflection to improve dialogue and professional growth. ClassInSight tool visualizes teachers' discussion data, guiding reflection and professional development. Themes of dissonance, contextualization, and shifting professional vision emerged from teacher engagement with the tool. Challenges in data collection and coding led to gaps between classes and reflection sessions. Teachers appreciated the personalized and persistent nature of the tool compared to traditional PD practices.
"The whole point of being able to see and being able to have like that fishbowl of the dynamics in my classroom is really helpful." - Sheila "It’s always shocking to me how much time I spend talking." - Kate "I’m always talking more than I think I am so to see the graph of it is really helpful." - Jeff
"This is the only PD that’s been specific to me and my behavior in the PD has ever come close to that." - Kate "Our big complaint as teachers has been we never see the PD again, and we never analyze how we do things or changed." - Jeff "I think it’s a positive thing when students are talking...What are the things we can do to get students to participate in the class?" - Tom

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by Tricia J. Ng... 게시일 03-05-2024

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